Our specialisms

The open communication and working with a strict project planning creates a very reliable output:

  • High Quality software, based on the pre-set requirements
  • Availability of this software on the agreed moment, ready for launch!
  • Up-to-date tracking of the project status
  • No financial surprises


Our project approach

We start the project with a kick off meeting, together with the project leader and senior software engineer involved from our side in the project and the project team from your side. We discuss mainly the project content and based on this intake we are able to provide a first concept planning. Below is a diagram of the entire software development process:

After the intakes we will write a functional and technical design. The detailed project requirements documentation will be provided to you for verification before we start programming. This makes that both parties are fully aware of the final outcome of the project.


Once the project requirements have been approved, we will discuss the level of testing we are going to apply after the software has been developed. This depends on how critical the software is and the data the software uses. After that we are able to make a detail planning. From now on the actual software development can start! After creating a test plan, testing and (joint) validation we will deliver the project and evaluate this with the project team.


Now your software is ready for launch!

Our specialisms

We believe in a transparent communication to achieve a high quality result.

We focus on:

  • High performance applications
  • Monitoring and analyzing (industrial) devices
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