About CoachR Development

How it all started

CoachR is established in 2004. With the start of the development of our ultra fast CoarchR Framework, we were able to handle projects which demands high speed. This high performance might be needed for handling lots of visitors, making difficult calculations/reports or dispatching a high load of data between devices/machines and databases.


Technics vs. great user interface

The framework made it possible to work on complex and critical software development projects. Creating computer programmes, web-based or not, which are able to connect to other equipment (machines or even mobile devices) challenge us! Besides the technics used, we see the development of an extremely user friendly user interface integrated into a stunning design as much as important.



Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. CoachR is located in Dodewaard, the Netherlands.

About us

With our efficient and project focussed approach CoachR Development is your partner in custom software development.

Learn more about our project approach and the high performance in-house framework we use.

Keypoints are:

  • Quality
  • Project oriented approach
  • Strict planning