Internship Informatics / Technical Informatics student

Software Engineer C++ / C#


Your technical working environment

At CoachR Development you will contribute to high-level and technical advanced projects, within a small team met short communication lines and a lot of personal input. Take your knowledge to the next level at CoachR Development and gain experience with developing high-quality software!

Most of our projects are developed in C++ and use our advance in-house designed C++ framework. Subjects like memory fragmentation, private heaps, high performance I/O and templated design patterns converge in this framework. At CoachR Development you can contribute to this framework and other solutions with your smart, innovative and practical ideas.


Take the challenge!

Would you like to work in our team and do you have the ambition to learn, grow and gain experience? Please contact Mr. H.J. de Jong, jobs@coachr.com or telephone number 0488 - 411 011.


Internship assignments

We have a few challenging projects for you. Besides those assignments, it is possible that you will participate in an existing project for a customer. This will give you experience in that process as well.

Below follow a few examples of assignments:

  • Threadpool. Design and develop a system that can create threads in a smart way in order to distribute tasks in an asynchronous way. This must be a high-performance solution that at the same time takes into account the limited resources it may use.
  • Caching system. Design and develop a mechanism to read and write large data files. When reading the data file, the data must be cached for a next read action. When there is no next read action within a specified time span, the memory must be freed. To prevent memory fragmentation, memory must be re-used and reserved in blocks. Also, memory must be freed when a specified memory limit has been reached. Because de data will be stored in a data structure, a read/write lock must be developed to be able to read and write data to this structure from separate threads.
  • Email client. Implement the POP3 protocol, connect with a mail server and store the messages in the database. Create an event-based systeem, to make it possible for the programmer to handle an event when, for example, there is an incoming message. This solution must be implemented within the current CoachR framework.

Join us during your internship

Would you like to work on innovative and challenging projects? Does one of the assignments as described at the left appeal to you, or are you interested in other assignments of CoachR Development?

Please contact CoachR via jobs@CoachR.com or telephone number 0488 - 411 011